Two years ago: March 14, 2012 my father, my hero has left us to be with God, where there is no more pain, tears, mourning …

Although he was ill for a long time, his death for me was  brutal and very early. One says that the pain fades with time and we keep only the good memories. This is true for the good memories but not for the pain …

Hello heaven, dear God, here Debora

How is my dad?  562007_3650705223993_2114445347_n

Does he always keep his affectionate smile?

Is he always this inexhaustible source of wisdom?

Is he still a confidant, the wise man who knows how to listen?

Tell him that we do not forget …

Tell him that I so miss him …

Tell him he will always be my hero …


“We can not do anything for you…”

“Sorry, but we can’t do anything for you …”

That’s what two doctors told me last weekend when I went twice to the emergency for chest pain, difficulty breathing when I sit or lie down. A new symptom of the disorder of my immune system.

I confess that at that moment, listening to the demoralizing verdict of the doctors, I thought: here are two people who have spent years in medical school, obtained specializations and qualifications with names that are often hard to pronounce ,  saying they can do nothing against this intolerable pain. They add that the pain will not go away before days or even weeks!

That confirms the limitations of the human, despite his knowledge and qualifications. Ultimately, only God, my creator can DO EVERYTHING , because, in him the word impossible does not exist! So, on our way to home, in tears, Marc and I  prayed to God again.

Dear friends, I’m much better today thanks to the Lord and your prayers, THANK YOU!

We would like to share this with you because when all is well in our dream land, we do not hesitate to share with you and give glory to God. Also, in time of trial, we want to keep the same attitude:  glorify Him, 47295-ExcellentQuotations.com-Author-Unknown keep the faith and trust in our Heavenly Father!