Two Weeks in VI !!

One day, as we were walking around, my husband told me that he really likes the Island landscape. He sees it as a perfect mixture between African landscape and Europe one. That was a sweet melody to my ears. I still like our adventure life, but I will love to stay and enjoy Vancouver Island for more than one or two years. My husband favorite place to be is West Africa. So, if he sees a bit of that part of the world here, Alleluia!!

Since we got here, it’s very sunny, dry and warm. The average temperatures, if I’m not wrong, is between 26 and 33 degrees. The past five days, we felt like being back in Burkina Faso, in May-June,  even if we don’t reach 45-50°C  and that we have continuous power and a lake “next door” to dive in to cool down!


And today, the cool, wet and nice sound shows up: THE RAIN!!!   After days without rain, I hope someone agreed with me that it was about time for some green yards,


a cool weather and a clean car lol!


Anyways, I love the rain. When I heard it sound this morning around 7 am, I opened our garage door, took my quiet time books, to enjoy this delicious touch from God! The result: this “rain” inspired share !!



There’s Hope!

Yep, Edmonton’s temperatures are above zero today and will stay at least for this week Amen!!!

So today, we went for a walk at William Hawrelak park. Enjoy our way to enjoy this enjoyable warm, sunny day 😉

IMG_1535 IMG_1626 IMG_1648 IMG_1625 IMG_1624 IMG_1610 IMG_1584

Very happy to finally be outside without my gloves (Raynaud’s Syndrome).

IMG_1549 IMG_1591