Kidnapped by Aliens!

Dear Diary

“I think, last week, I was kidnapped by aliens. ”

OK, my friends, that’s certainly what I would write in my diary to explain my unusual experience from Friday to Monday.

I had again a serious health problem on the night of Friday. My husband played “again” the ambulance to take me to the emergency at Victoria General Hospital. The diagnosis was: a surgery!



You should know that among my history of visited hospitals (Belgium, Africa, Edmonton) this was such a special experience that I thought I was in an alien hospital. Judge for yourself:

  • I was immediately admitted as soon as they understood my problem (in previous experience: I will still be waiting for 4-5 hours in pain …)
  • Nurses took turn to make sure I did not need anything (in previous experience: only one will showed up and disappeared for at least 2 hours …)
  • The doctor doing the surgery visited me 3 times to explain either the surgery process or to check on me, (previous experience: I will see the doctor only once, often with no clear explanation or nothing at all and you leave the hospital without ever remembering his face…)
  • There were more serious cases than me, but we had all their attention (previous experience: if you’re not a priority, you’re left behind in pain …)
  • Medical staff calls you “darling, sweaty, honey, my dear, beauty …”, very attentive and full of humanity. Do you think this is an exaggeration? (Let me tell you that elsewhere, my color was often an obstacle to treat me well …)

I spent 4 days in Victoria General Hospital (VGH) with the feeling of being in a 7-star hotel or with aliens or in heaven … No, I haven’t been kidnapped by Aliens, I was on the earth with real dedicated, conscientious, special Humans… and I am very grateful to God for the medical staff of VGH, YOU ROCKED!!

By the way, today I feel much better, thanks God! 🙂


Flowers! Flowers!

Floral Adventure

Last Wednesday, we visited the Butchart Gardens in Victoria. It was a real pleasure in the midst of all these beautiful flowers of different colors and sizes, with pleasant fragrances. Respect to the people who maintain and take care of these wonders and praise to God who is the Creator!

Whether you are a flower lover or not, a photographer or not, you can not resist the urge to capture this magnificent view and appreciate the expressing decor, absolutely breathtaking !!




IMG_3469 IMG_3471 IMG_3427







Our ePiC a D v E n T u R e !!

That’s it, we moved to British Columbia (Western Canada), more precisely to Vancouver Island and we now live in Shawnigan Lake! Since Sunday, July 27, we are settling in while enjoying the beautiful summer on the Island.

For the record, this is our 10th move and it was the most relaxed and easy we ever had! Because, we didn’t have to pack anything ourselves (no fatigue), so we decided to make the trip with our car from Edmonton to Shawnigan Lake through the mountains!

Here are some pictures of our beautiful, amazing, indescribable and unforgettable adventure, blessed by the Lord.

Thanks to all of you who have prayed for and thought of us!


In Edmonton, our stuff were packed by movers.20140724_020445772_iOS


Marc’s company car been transported to BCIMG_2964

On Saturday, July 26, we traveled with our car. IMG_3015

On our way to British Columbia 20140726_212629102_iOS

We admired wonderful landscapes.20140726_185417048_iOS

Incredible views as  on a postcardIMG_3050


We have seen strange things and we thought we were on the planet Mars…IMG_3034

It was a relief when we saw this sign “the best place on earth.” We were in the right direction!IMG_3042

After 1200 km, we arrived at the ferry going from Vancouver to Victoria20140727_212812557_iOSIMG_3132IMG_3163

We were so fascinated by the islands crossed that we dreamed of buying this one!20140727_225741612_iOS

Admired the Orcas in the Strait of Georgia.IMG_3146

And after 16 hours of travel, one night in Kamloops, we finally arrived home safe and sound and thankful to God!20140728_004810208_iOS20140728_013707575_iOS




The Adventure Continues!

“And this is the confidence that we have toward him, that if we ask anything according to his will he hears us.  And if we know that he hears us in whatever we ask, we know that we have the requests that we have asked of him.” (1 John ch 5 v 14)

Someone said: be careful about what you pray for the Lord answers prayers! I agree with that.


I could give you thousands of examples about that in my life and my family. But I’ll just talk about two situations you might recognize through our news.

First, do you remember how God has opened the doors for our family to come to Alberta, Canada? It was a project, a prayer of faith, a miracle, an answer from God.


Second, God blessed us abundantly, here in Edmonton, these past 10 months. Then I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, since September, caused by the stress of our moving and the cold in November. We’ve panicked a little, because, as you may know, winter in Edmonton can be terribly cold (-45 ° C). How to survive these temperatures with such a disease? This is where we began to pray, to cry out to God who sent us here. It did not make any sense! Isn’t He Omniscient, God who knows everything in advance? Our limited mind was struggling to follow God’s logic.

But our heart, our faith in Him help us to take our concerns before Him and to trust Him completely. And dear friends, I am still amazed how  God responds beyond our expectation! We prayed that He heals me, but, He had something else in mind: His great plan!


Marc’s company has proposed him to move to Vancouver Island (Victoria) British Columbia (Canada) for a new installation. You should know that there, it’s milder climate  and similar to that of Belgium: wet, rainy, but almost no snow and no freezing temperatures,! This was too good to be true …

But wait, moving again? Stress again? … We started to seriously thinking about that and even wondered if this was from God. The company was clear: “relocation support is only for the management position and the  big Boss.” So, we went back to God with this crazy request: “Lord, if Victoria is Your will for us, convince them, please, to make an exception for us.” And now, Gideon’s wool request was set (Judges chapter 6 verse 36-40): if they accept to pay for our relocation, this will be the sign that God gives His permission to move to Vancouver Island.


“Be careful what you ask for in your prayers, because God hears you.” Hallelujah!  A couple days ago, the company informed us that our relocation will be paid for and the icing on the cake: packing our stuff, cleaning our house here in Edmonton and Victoria are included! We suddenly felt small, but at the same time so important in the eyes of God. Our Almighty God has answered twice, beyond our expectations! What an honour! We had tears in our eyes … Thank you Lord!


I read somewhere this reflection that summarizes our thoughts well: “Trying to understand the will of God is not chaining ourselves, limiting our freedoms. Instead, it’s discovering the unlimited horizons that offer us his creative and structural grace through new perspectives opened by the exciting work that God has prepared for us. It is to discover, be amazed that our life here is not limited by a tomb, but, it is getting ready to see the glittering gates of the eternal city of the great God of heaven! “

May the Lord Jesus Christ  encourage and strengthen you!

See you soon for new adventures with God 😉