Us In Parksville bc

It was sometimes rainy, we had a pouring rain, a cloudy sky with a shy sun shining, but none of that stop us from having a great time at the Pacific Resort Beach in Parksville!

Family Getaway

IMG_5016 IMG_5032 IMG_5009 IMG_4998 IMG_4996 IMG_4995 IMG_4973 IMG_4933 IMG_4930 IMG_4922 IMG_4914 IMG_4905 IMG_4903 IMG_4893 IMG_4878 IMG_4867 IMG_4845 IMG_4810 IMG_4807 IMG_4796 IMG_4794


Sunny days !

My son, Michael wrote a song that says: ”when the sun is shining and the birds are singing, then I know, I am living in a world that alive… made by someone powerful, God…”

Today, I felt that blessing when I looked outside. While some of you, dear friends are enjoying or suffering or hating or tired of the snow, the cold, the storm (I can relate to that and deeply sympathize) the sun was shining on Vancouver Island! I hope those pictures will warm up your heart and tell you that, there is always sun shining days after the storm! 😉