Kidnapped by Aliens!

Dear Diary

“I think, last week, I was kidnapped by aliens. ”

OK, my friends, that’s certainly what I would write in my diary to explain my unusual experience from Friday to Monday.

I had again a serious health problem on the night of Friday. My husband played “again” the ambulance to take me to the emergency at Victoria General Hospital. The diagnosis was: a surgery!



You should know that among my history of visited hospitals (Belgium, Africa, Edmonton) this was such a special experience that I thought I was in an alien hospital. Judge for yourself:

  • I was immediately admitted as soon as they understood my problem (in previous experience: I will still be waiting for 4-5 hours in pain …)
  • Nurses took turn to make sure I did not need anything (in previous experience: only one will showed up and disappeared for at least 2 hours …)
  • The doctor doing the surgery visited me 3 times to explain either the surgery process or to check on me, (previous experience: I will see the doctor only once, often with no clear explanation or nothing at all and you leave the hospital without ever remembering his face…)
  • There were more serious cases than me, but we had all their attention (previous experience: if you’re not a priority, you’re left behind in pain …)
  • Medical staff calls you “darling, sweaty, honey, my dear, beauty …”, very attentive and full of humanity. Do you think this is an exaggeration? (Let me tell you that elsewhere, my color was often an obstacle to treat me well …)

I spent 4 days in Victoria General Hospital (VGH) with the feeling of being in a 7-star hotel or with aliens or in heaven … No, I haven’t been kidnapped by Aliens, I was on the earth with real dedicated, conscientious, special Humans… and I am very grateful to God for the medical staff of VGH, YOU ROCKED!!

By the way, today I feel much better, thanks God! 🙂


“We can not do anything for you…”

“Sorry, but we can’t do anything for you …”

That’s what two doctors told me last weekend when I went twice to the emergency for chest pain, difficulty breathing when I sit or lie down. A new symptom of the disorder of my immune system.

I confess that at that moment, listening to the demoralizing verdict of the doctors, I thought: here are two people who have spent years in medical school, obtained specializations and qualifications with names that are often hard to pronounce ,  saying they can do nothing against this intolerable pain. They add that the pain will not go away before days or even weeks!

That confirms the limitations of the human, despite his knowledge and qualifications. Ultimately, only God, my creator can DO EVERYTHING , because, in him the word impossible does not exist! So, on our way to home, in tears, Marc and I  prayed to God again.

Dear friends, I’m much better today thanks to the Lord and your prayers, THANK YOU!

We would like to share this with you because when all is well in our dream land, we do not hesitate to share with you and give glory to God. Also, in time of trial, we want to keep the same attitude:  glorify Him, keep the faith and trust in our Heavenly Father!

A hitch…

We are in our sixth month in Edmonton and have the feeling of being here only a month. Which is not bad, we are still not awake from our dream filled with so many blessings:

  • Our children surprised us with good report cards beyond our expectations
  • As school’s principal had assured: our daughters already speak pretty good English, write and read almost perfectly the language they have learned since September.
  • We spent a blessed, magical and unforgettable Christmas time along with Diane Van Over.

* We even survived the freezing temperatures, the polar vortex of Alberta!

Great, isn’t it?. However, a hitch came along in my path that i had not expected.

This hitch is called: immune system disorder or autoimmune disease with Raynaud’s syndrome. A scary name that the doctor had to repeat twice for me. I leave it to you to look it up on Google and Wikipedia.

Actually, not only my immune system is disturbed and began to also attack healthy cells of my body, causing pain in joints and muscles, but I also have a disorder of blood circulation resulting in pain and numbness in the hands and fingers. And in my case, it started with the COLD! Boom, the result came like a bomb.

Some days, I can not use my hands not even after being covered with gloves and I experienced swollen fingers like sausages with unbearable pain.

And then, there are days I really had “toys in the head” wondering how to live with this condition in a country where it is terribly cold for 6 months!? Stay inside throughout the winters?

I try not to panic and decided to turn to the one who can unstuck situations: my God who heals.

By the way, if God puts it in your heart, say a little prayer for me!