School Is OVER!!!!

It’s official, since yesterday: in Edmonton, the school is over, it is holidays youpie! Our kids had a blessed school year.

The system here suits them so much. After our return from Burkina Faso in 2010, Daniel and Michael had continued their studies in Dutch in Belgium. Despite these two-year break with English, they impressed us with their good results. Each received a big congratulation from their schools for their efforts. We are proud of them!

The big surprise is our two miracles: Nema and Dara. They started grade 3 in September 2013 with the kindergarten level (they could neither speak, read nor write in English) to reach their current level in all subjects assigned in English. Congratulations girls!

Now, time for well deserved rest! Happy Holidays to ALL!!


Nema and Dara in their class.



Michael at his school.




Daniel + Daddy = Football

One more Year!

A beautiful Strange birthday!


Yesterday, I was again in the emergency room, for  left hip’s pain, lower back and my left side pain. After a long wait of 4 hours suffering, I was finally seen by a doctor, received an injection of morphine (they could not give it without a diagnostic …)

Finally, I returned home around midnight with a strong Tylenol prescription … sigh … and a doctor’s advice: stay in bed for two days because I have some trouble walking.

Some of you already know, but in case you don’t, today is our birthday: my husband and me (yep, we have the same birthday: 14-04)  He is two years older than me, but if you look closely, you will see that we are identical twins ; )


So, how to celebrate these “one more year” in bed … sigh … Let’s stay positive to avoid more gray hair 🙂 

For days now, there is a secret concert (guitar, piano, vocals) being prepared in our house! Our fantastic four have promised us a surprise tonight and we can’t wait to find it out!

So you think you can skate?


I’ve never been able to watch a show or skating competition. The reason? It stresses me to death. I always wonder how these skaters arrive to stay on these blades mounted on steel shoes and able to move on an ice surface with so much ease!

In addition, some dare to create complicated breathtaking figures (this is the part where I close my eyes). For example: turn on themselves as if they had no bones under the skin, jump in the air and bounce on skates, often without falling, mama mia …

And then, with my family, we decided to go skating. Yes, you understand me. I tell myself that if I try, maybe I will fight my phobia of ice skating.

Only … when I set foot in the ice skate ring (with my  skate shoes on of course), I decided to create my own rules in skating:

Rule 1: skate as close as possible to the boards around the ring.


Rule 2:Skate hand in hand with someone who share your life: it’s safer! IMG_0550

Rule 3: move slowly and never leave your eyes of your skates.


Rule 4: prohibit talented children to skate around learners. Seriously, how do they get to learn so fast … sigh …

IMG_0469 IMG_0483

And if it’s too hard, then I will stay behind the camera to capture and appreciate the incredible talent of my FANTASTIC FIVE skaters!