A hitch…

We are in our sixth month in Edmonton and have the feeling of being here only a month. Which is not bad, we are still not awake from our dream filled with so many blessings:

  • Our children surprised us with good report cards beyond our expectations
  • As school’s principal had assured: our daughters already speak pretty good English, write and read almost perfectly the language they have learned since September.
  • We spent a blessed, magical and unforgettable Christmas time along with Diane Van Over.

* We even survived the freezing temperatures, the polar vortex of Alberta!

Great, isn’t it?. However, a hitch came along in my path that i had not expected.

This hitch is called: immune system disorder or autoimmune disease with Raynaud’s syndrome. A scary name that the doctor had to repeat twice for me. I leave it to you to look it up on Google and Wikipedia.

Actually, not only my immune system is disturbed and began to also attack healthy cells of my body, causing pain in joints and muscles, but I also have a disorder of blood circulation resulting in pain and numbness in the hands and fingers. And in my case, it started with the COLD! Boom, the result came like a bomb.

Some days, I can not use my hands not even after being covered with gloves and I experienced swollen fingers like sausages with unbearable pain.

And then, there are days I really had “toys in the head” wondering how to live with this condition in a country where it is terribly cold for 6 months!? Stay inside throughout the winters?

I try not to panic and decided to turn to the one who can unstuck situations: my God who heals.

By the way, if God puts it in your heart, say a little prayer for me!