A Christmas to Remember !!


Hello everyone! I hope, you’re all getting ready for Christmas. Please never forget who Christmas is about: JESUS, the SAVIOR of the World !!!

I love Amy Grant, this title is from one of her song. Every year, we listen to that song while decorating our Christmas tree. We specially like those words:


Twinkling lights
A chill is in the air
And carols everywhere
Close your eyes, it’s almost here
Candles and cards
And favorite movie scenes
The smell of evergreen
As special as it’s always been
And I have a dream or two
Maybe they will come true

Setting our hopes on a big snow tonight
We’ll wake up to a world of white
It’s gonna be a Christmas to remember
Light up the fire, play some Nat King Cole
Always sentimental and don’t you know that
It’s gonna be a Christmas to remember

I know it’s true
Time doesn’t stand still
Many things can change
But we know some things never will
The memories we share
The songs we always sing
The mystery of life
The hopefulness this season brings
And I have a dream or two
Maybe they will come true…

This year, once again, for our family, it’s gonna be a Christmas to remember. We’re excited to share with you our wonderful Christmas stories:  “a dream or two that came true…!

See you soon, I will have a lot to share 😉

First Canadian Christmas-2

Wow, there are so many things going on this holiday season with us in Edmonton! We assisted two concerts  of Nema and Dara’s class choir and it was beautiful. Daniel played percussion during his school band’s concert . We also took part in our church Christmas gala! And, the cold, the snow continue their journey with us!

With my family, we love these times of celebration. In addition, this year our Christmas will be white, what we always dreamed of ever since Belgium. If these festivities bring joy, good mood with its bright decorations and good deals, we feel it in the wallet…

Often you decide to avoid foolish buys (gifts or other stuff), but in the end, if you do not control your mad desire for shopping, you end up with a loaded trolley and a receipt longer than yourself (I’m exaggerating a bit), to finally get home asking yourself: “Why did I buy all these things? ” Confession: this is what happened to me this week. And my excuse was: “I have four children and gifts are very important for them to keep the joyous Christmas spirit.” And then God refocus me in my priorities with these words received from a sister of our community:

” Often, most of us find life to be very busy as we try to meet all the expectations that the world tends to throw at us. We have work responsibilities. We have children, husband, wife parents and other family members who require our attention.  We often find it difficult to find the time to nurture friendships and we sometimes leave ourselves at the very back of the line.

Now, the Christmas season is just ahead of us and life is about to get even more hectic. We struggle to get the shopping done, bake, wrap, decorate and attend various family and work related events.  As Christian, we are also very conscience of what the TRUE meaning of Christmas is. We find joy in the knowledge that we have a savior whose birth will be the light in our lives. Without Jesus there would be no hope in all the craziness life tosses at us.”

Wow, just focus on the real reason for Christmas: Jesus, light of the world! How will you feel if on your birthday, everyone buy gifts for themselves and do not pay any attention to you?

“Peace on earth among men of good will!”