The Curved Ligne!

I feel great since Friday: so thankful to God! This is important because since winter began, I had not yet felt great for four consecutive days without pain in the hands, arms, back, shoulders, chest, muscles … the list can go on. Each day had its name and painful place!

Yet, despite of all these fights to support these hard times, I feel stronger and stronger and closer to God! It is also because I remembered that my biological family as spiritual, my friends and acquaintances are praying for me.

In fact, God and I have conversed a lot lately. I do not know if you’ve ever experienced this, but when God has to speak to you, whether in thought, through His word, a sermon, a vision or a dream, he wakes up and shakes His Spirit in you so that you hear, feel and even see what He means!

At first you think, “this is just a passing emotion, it is because I am very emotional and fragile right now,” But be sure that, if this is God speaking, these feelings or emotions won’t go away. Instead, God will ensure that His Word has residence in your heart.

Someone understand what I mean? It’s like when you have a passion, a desire which causes insomnia, lack of peace and tranquillity until you succeed and fulfilled it.

How many paragraph am I now?… And I suppose, you tell yourself, “Okay Debora, we know what you’re talking about, everybody has  experienced that kind of feelings at least once: received word that bubbled in his heart for days and more. But for the love of God, get to the point! ” 

I agree with you, but, allow me to ask you these questions: “Have you ever been confused when a desire, an unexpected word  is thrown in your face and you suspect that all that will change your life?That what you seem to have under control may escape from your control? That your confident into your good, perfect plan is about to change, flip around? Besides instead of having a clear explanation about it, dear friends, there we go: IT IS A TOTAL CONFUSION! Confusion

Last paragraph … Since I have the impression that you also start to get confused and maybe lost in your thoughts, I suggest we pause, digest this reflection and I’ll see you soon for a chat on the subject of my CONFUSION!


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