Everything will be fine!

My God is so good

He takes good care of me

Debora & Dara

This God so faithful, do you know he cares about you?

He would love to help you in your difficulties

You must come to Him as you are.


God knows so well, what seems heavy,

what hurt you, disturb you every day

He knows your need, your fear of tomorrow

With my God, you know, everything will be fine!


He lives forever, He’s the almighty God

He will answer you, just come to Him 

When everything seems dark, sad and desperate

Do you know that up there, you are not forgotten.


My God will help you, he will guide your steps

If you want to walk, submit to his law

So do not fear, you can count on Him

He will do everything he promised.


With my God, you know, everything will be fine!



  1. Debora,    We need to Skype soon….Savana misses the girls and our boys miss your boys! Yes, we finally sold our house but it has been a long process. The mortgage specialist that is being used is being investigated so that stalled the process for 2-3 weeks! There have been a few glitches in the process but we are trusting God that He will finish what was started.     My parents are planning to move our belongings from our basement in our house to a storage unit….I was wondering if your kids may be able to help move boxes and such? I think they are planning on moving the stuff on Saturday….if you are able to help, it would be great, but if you are busy, that is ok too. My sister’s number is 587-920-7446. I am trying to contact Jeanette as well to see if they can help.     We look forward to talking to you soon. May God keep you in good health my friend.

       God bless,        Darla


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