First Canadian Christmas.

We were sure about one thing, long before the holidays period: our first Canadian tree will be a real one. We imagined Marc and the boys (Michael and Daniel) going into the forest, brave the snow, the cold, the wolves and the bears to cut our first Christmas tree, a real one!

Well, no! We all concluded that it would be safe to have an artificial tree … The reason? Besides, avoid encountering wolves or bears? For a few days, temperatures dropped from -25°C to -40°C during the day, which can turn you into a pillar of ice! I have a cold shudder just by pronouncing these numbers brrr

So, with this bitter cold, go for a real tree hunting? We changed our mind and wish, even if it could be purchased in store. In addition, we thought further: if every year we have to get out for a real Christmas tree either in the forest or in a store, in this freezing cold … no, thanks, we don’t think so. An artificial Christmas tree can be set and put away being in a cozy house! ;)  Yes we know, we are ourselves shocked with our choice, but believe me, it is said that: “The water that comes from the mouth of the fish is the freshest” So we know what we are talking about! Brrr

Now, if you agreed with our highly relevant arguments 😉 enjoy our FIRST CANADIAN ARTIFICIAL CHRISTMAS TREE!!

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