When WINTER shows up!

Early October, we chose the Elk Island National Park for our Autumn walk. This has been a family tradition since Belgium. 


But this time, the walk was among Buffaloes, coyotes  and beavers, unusual animals for us. It was exciting and  scary! Fortunately, we did not meet Wolves or Bears …  A friends told us this joke: “we need more engineers in  the country because they are eaten by wolves or  bears”. We do not like that joke at all: Marc is an  engineer, so you do understand our relief when we did  not meet them lol!



Autumn or Fall in Edmonton has beautiful colors: orange, yellow, red, brown … you just want to get out your brushes and capture it on canvas!

And then, an event that we did not think about was almost imposed on us: HALLOWEEN. It was madness here, strange and dark decorations, scary costumes: which we will never put on … Well, in our family, we have spoken about it: “can a Christian take part in Halloween?” Then, we decided to ask for advice to the brothers and sisters of our community. Boom: different opinions, speculations, more confusion… So finally we decided this:

– Allow our kids to have fun with their friends at the Halloween party organized by the school. 


– Wear reasonable costumes.

– Do not participate in the trick or treat.

– Lock our self in the basement to avoid the “witches and wizards” visit and enjoy our bags of candy purchased the day before! That reminds us that we haven’t seen the dentist yet for our annual visit … ouch!

For or against Halloween celebration? The decision was unanimous!

Three days later, a new event: SNOW! Edmonton was covered with 5 to 10 cm of snow, a bright white that rejoiced our heart. But chilled our body. We reached -25°C! If you never experienced that, I can assure you that it will chill you to the bones, unless, you’re dressed as an astronaut ready to exile on the moon!WP_20131119_005

Then, came what they call “shoveling” and this has nothing to do with anything  we ever done in Belgium! We use huge shovels (in Canada everything is big) in  plastic or steel that turns you into a snow shoveling machine!  My friends, if  you shovel 3 or 4 times a week, it is a very effective way to burn fat and  discover inactive muscles  lol!  So, there is an advantage to visit us in the  winter!

Meanwhile, we often go from temperatures of -25°C to 2°C in a couple of days and  that, believe it or not, real Edmontonians wear a t-shirt with short sleeves,  saying: “the weather is nice”!  We will let you know by April what we think  about that!

See you soon for more wintry news!