Four months in Edmonton, Alberta (Canada). It is said that “a newcomer has his eyes wide open but sees nothing.” We are no exception. But for now, we certainly have no wish to wake up but keep dreaming: admire the beauty of nature, be surprised by the kindness and the amazing hospitality of Canadian people, enjoy every blessing that God allows in our way in this fantastic COUNTRY OF DREAMS!

Seriously, why not  marvel and find it perfect when these things happen to you:

– Marc’s company welcome us at the airport with a limousine

– Our house is close to the children’s school 

– Stores open 7/7 and some 24/24, we forget to buy milk or bread, no panic, we can get them at any time of the night WOW!

– I (Debora) put my resume on Canadian job sites and I got 7 jobs offer in less than two weeks, including five for which I have no training and even with my limited professional English, they were willing to hire me! Incredible!

– I’ve never seen a country where so many job offers are posted along the roads and they even offer to train you, if you’re up to the challenge and motivated.  Wow!

– We go to a consultation with the family doctor and leave without paying. We were so surprised that we asked the doctor at least 3 times to confirm. He must have wondered which planet we came from :)

– Not to mention the stunning nature parks and green space around, Magnificent!

– Incredible festivals according to the season and free activities for families throughout the City of Edmonton  wow!

To mention only a few. Here are some pictures in power point that speak for themselves!

See you soon!