The Miracle: immigrating to Canada!

Despite the disappointment during the job fair in Brussels: our desire to immigrate to Canada remains in our heart as ever and we feel the need to further push the door. Ken suggested we come to visit Montreal and drop resume to see how God is going to run things. Good idea, so we planned our trip for early April 2013 because, drum roll, God has provided!

January 2013, Marc felt bad: what if he has a serious job offer during our visit to Quebec, how will he announce this to his boss with whom he has a great relationship ? It wouldn’t be right. This is tricky, it’s a risk but he felt he should be open with his boss about our project.

February 2013, Marc took his courage and shared his desire with his ​​boss and suggested that he would stay in the same company if there was a job offer on the Canadian side.
Much to his surprise, his boss, not angry or upset at all, tells him that he knows the head of BD (Becton Dickinson) Canada and that he would speak to him on Marc’s behalf. We thought, well, he just wanted to be polite otherwise why would he take the risk of losing an essential element to BD Europe! We had no choice but to have faith and be patient. WP_20131108_001
Three days later, Marc was on-line with the service manager of BD Canada. He told Marc: “I have a position of Field Service Representative in Edmonton, Alberta If you’re interested it’s yours. Only, know that winters are freaking cold in Edmonton (can reach -45 °C)  

Wow, incredible!  Marc’s boss has really kept his word, it’s a Miracle!  At that moment, I think we just heard the first part of the miracle: the JOB! It was a joyous moments of thankfulness to God. But wait, suddenly we felt a freezing cold shudder: the second part of the miracle: EDMONTON WINTERS REACHING -45 °C!  Oh boy we thought this only happened in Siberia or Alaska … We must seriously consider that. We have already experienced temperatures of 45 °C and beyond (Burkina Faso) and we survived the furnace, but -45 °C?? We were already cold just thinking about it, brr! But the de Vries-Ouattara  tribe has adventure and risks in their blood. Besides, did we not pray for a miracle?

We decide to consider the offer but remain cautious, just to be sure, to have total peace that this incredible and unexpected Wide open door is the will of God.

April 2013, leaving our children in the care of Opa and Oma (Marc’s parents), we flew to Quebec for a week. But this time, the purpose of the trip was exciting: spend quality time with our precious friends (Ken and Anne and their children) we had not seen for 6 years and go down to Toronto to meet Marc’s probable future boss !  

The pieces of the puzzle felt into place: the employment contract for Marc: check, peace to go to the freezing cold: check, the sale of our house: check. Yes THIS IS A MIRACLE!

July 30, 2013, we flew away to our dream: CANADA. Grateful to God for our relatives and friends  who have supported us, and helped along in this dream, project and MIRACLE! 




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