An idea … a dream … a project … A miracle!

Everything started with dear friends who moved to Montreal, Canada. They told us about the beauty of this gigantic continent. Sounds like a dream location, an ideal place for raising children …

But for us, it was just a beautiful and attractive idea. Perhaps a visit to our friends one day, when it’s possible. You know, when finances can keep up with the brilliant idea we had!!
Our family grew and now we have four children. Canada? We didn’t even dare to dream about it. It was feasible with two children but the budget with four kids: impossible! 
Gradually, the idea  went away and disappears somewhere… It was just an IDEA!

In 2010, the idea resurfaced: immigrate to Canada! Well, maybe we need to consider it. We decided it would become our dream. But the dream stayed between mom and dad (Marc and Debora). We must first talk to God, that is our principle: pray, make sure that it is God’s plan for our family . We dreamed for a year. 
This time, the dream does not go away, instead it became a strong desire.
Mom and Dad said, “what about having it as a family project? Yes, let’s share it with the kids and bring together our project before God in prayer. It is a good idea, then the dream became a PROJECT!

The project was born in 2012. Children were incredibly excited, they talked incessantly about it. Michael didn’t stop visiting Canada via youtube. He would leave the next day if possible. Daniel, was torn between the excitement of this adventure and the idea of ​​having to leave friends. But he was curious and asked for a world map to explore canadian territories. The girls: Nema and Dara, still young, didn’t have real ties, they thought that this  adventure was a great idea! But, we still need to be sure that God shares our enthusiasm. For months every night, the project to immigrate to Canada was in our prayer requests. And the more we prayed, the more we felt that it should be realized.

But … We didn’t want to just go on an adventure with our family, too risky. Marc needed to get a job offer first. We shared with our friends (the Taylor) and they gave us advice and were on the lookout for opportunities for us.

November 2012, there was this job fair in Brussels: Destination Canada, where Canadian companies recruit skilled shortage employers in Canada. Great, an opportunity to find out if God endorses our project. We participated. But surprise, we get the same response over and over about Marc resume: too specialized for Canada. Are you kidding me??

After a long exhausting day, we left empty handed, no one seems interested offering a job to Marc. We were disappointed but not discouraged and wondered if God wanted to tell us something through this failure …   We really need a MIRACLE!



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